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The Salons create a virtual space for women to meet one another in a more intimate virtual setting by having multiple small breakout groups throughout the evening with conversation starter questions. We take polls so that you get a sense of "who's in the room" and what other women are thinking and feeling.   Here's what one woman had to say about the salons:  "I really appreciate the spaces you create that allow for deep conversations. They help us all grow and get to know each other in ways I think were tough to come by in the pre-COVID, alcohol-heavy happy hour environments." 

We generally have one Singles Salons per month, and the other meetups are for couples or singles, and range from writing projects to dances to game night to watch parties.

The Salons are free, although donations are welcome.

While Les Ladies started with women from DC, Virginia, Maryland, nowadays, there are women there from all over the country and even from other countries!

Les Ladies also hosts Salons for couples and singles.  Please see Calendar of Events for more details.


This was fun. Good ice breaker questions, good structure and facilitation by Cynthia, friendly participants, excellent conversations with a mix of laughter and serious topics. Looking forward to next week's event.

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